Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Consent - Conception CS

I have taken the liberty of releasing a pro dubbed run of last years Consent - Conception tape.  Consent is/was a noise/powerviolence sonic assault that emerged from the ashes of Socially Retarded and also was comprised of current/former members of Bongripper and Weekend Nachos even (if you want to get really specific and nerdy with this family tree bullshit).  They only dubbed a few of these "demos" on their own and played a small handful of shows.  As most of you know, they were supposed to be on the opposing side of Sea of Shit's split with Water Torture.  They had songs written and everything, but then just kind of fell apart due to schedules conflicting and such.  Consent never really actually broke up, they more so kind of fizzled out into an indefinite hiatus.  There is talk of still recording those split songs they had written, but for now "Conception" is their only release, and with that being said there will now be 100 more copies of it available in a tangible format.