Wednesday, November 14, 2012

VILE INTENT Skin in the Game EP

I rarely make posts about distro items, but I feel as though I should bring this new tape to everyone's attention.  Collection of new songs from the almighty VILE INTENT.  They have refined their sound even more so on this release, a perfect followup to Regression to the Mean.  Vinyl version will be available soon, a split release between Diseased Audio and Choking Hazard Records.  Vile Intent "Regression to the Mean" repress is almost sold out, down to my last 15 copies.  There will not be another repress so once those are gone they are gone. 

In other news, Worn Out test presses had to be rejected, so that will be a bit longer before that sees the light of day.  Probably another 2-3 weeks, at least.  No other releases lined up as of right now but keep checking distro, I've been adding stuff on a very frequent basis.