Friday, January 27, 2012

As expected...

Drug Problem tests rejected, the everlasting plight of pressing vinyl...on a brighter note i'm going to be putting out a split 7" between SEA OF SHIT and new Chicago pv band CONSENT (comprised of ex members of this band and that band) to further the efforts of Chicago Power Violence.  Also, Vile Intent 7" repress of 300 soon, hopefully in time for their upcoming shows with Column of Heaven.

Against my own better judgement, i've put up a pre order for the drug problem LP.


VILE INTENT - Regression to the Mean 7" (2nd press): HERE

Also, will soon be helping put out a Socially Retarded discography cassette which will include the last recording that nobody ever really heard since the band fizzled.  This tape is not technically a release on Diseased Audio (being put out on Grand March) but in spirit you could say it is.  These will be pro-dubbed and limited to 100, probably a while before they emerge due to the grueling turnaround time of the tape duplication plant.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vile Intent / Column of Heaven shows in February

Montreal, Fri Feb 24, @ Death House

Vile Intent
Column of Heaven

Toronto, Sat Feb 25, @ Siesta Nouveaux

Vile Intent
Column of Heaven
Gas Chamber
Farang - the other ex-Blockade band

Ottawa, Sun Feb 26, @ The Legion

Vile Intent
Column of Heaven
The Donner Party
Spilt Guts