Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Socially Retarded & Disgust 7" / Sea of Shit EP

We will be releasing a collaboration 7" between SOCIALLY RETARDED and fellow Chicago pe outfit DISGUST at some point in 2011. The writing process for said release is still under way so there is no release date as of yet, but I felt it should at least be brought to everyone's attention that this is in fact a future release planned for Diseased Audio. In the meantime, check out the new SOCIALLY RETARDED/DAISYCUTTER split 7" on PRGNT records. It is sure to be a devastating record on both accounts.

Also slated for 2011 is an 8 song SEA OF SHIT ep 7", which will most likely end up being a split release between Diseased Audio and Kills You Records. If any other label is interested in helping out with this feel free to get a hold of me (i'm also in this band).

VILE INTENT Regression to the Mean 7" is still under way. It will officially be available in February.