Monday, July 25, 2011

New Distro Items

Added a few things to the store as distro items:

VILE INTENT Shadow of the Skull 7"
2nd press of this sold out EP from the almighty VI.  The precursor to "Regression to the Mean". Silkscreened die cut covers.  Out on Choking Hazard.

Scum ridden electronic violence vs dominant audio harassment.  No good times here.  Limited to 300. Hand silk screened covers.

New upstart grinders from Chicago.  9 songs chock-full of blistering speed and sludgy bass driven pv, rounded out nicely with your mandatory dual vocal assault.  Limited to 100 pro dubbed cassettes.  Self released by the band.  Listen here:

Sea of Shit's 6 song demo pressed to a 7".  Limited to 300.  Out on Suburban Mayhem.

Tape version of the upcoming Sea of Shit 7".  8 songs.  Limited to 100 pro-pressed cassettes.  Out on Kills You Records.

buy here:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vile Intent Tour / Sea of Shit Tour / Socially Retarded LAST SHOW

Here are the dates for the VI tour this august, if you want to help with a ?? date please email

August 13 – Buffalo NY
August 14 – Fort Wayne w/ Sea of Shit
August 15 – Chicago w/ Sea of Shit
August 16 – Omaha NE
August 17 – Colorado ??
August 18 – Utah or Boise ??
August 19 – Reno NV
August 20 – Sacramento ??
August 21 – Oakland
August 22 – Redding
August 23 – Portland ??
August 24 – Seattle ??
August 25 – Victoria BC
August 26 – Vancouver BC
August 27 – Kamloops BC
August 28 – Calgary AB
August 29 – Edmonton AB
August 30 – Saskatoon
August 31 – Winnipeg
September 1 – Thunder Bay??
September 2 – Sault Ste Marie or Sudbury ??
September 3 – Toronto

Sea of Shit is also going on a short tour in August.  Check them out on these dates...

8/10 - Dayton, OH @ 214 Shroyer Rd w/ Bloody Phoenix, Good Times, Defend Means Attack
8/11 - OFF
8/12 - Brooklyn, NY @ Stolen Sleeves (538 Johnson) w/ VACCINE, Ilsa, Callous
8/13 - Philadelphia, PA @ DBAJ House (1264 S Ringold) w/ Force of Habit, Street Pizza, Congenital Death
8/14 - Ft. Wayne, IN @ Harrison House (1624 N. Harrison) w/ Daisycutter, Vile Intent, Shitlist, Jock Gestapo
8/15 - Chicago, IL @ Waterworks (615 S. Clark) w/ Vile Intent, Socially Retarded, Men as Witches

8/15 will be Socially Retarded's last show, they will have a newly recorded cassette that will serve as their final recorded effort...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

All orders have been shipped...

 As of today all orders for the Vile Intent 7" have been shipped out, meaning this record is finally done and fully available for consumption.  Distros contact for wholesale info.

*All pre orders were assembled in a big hurry so i could make it to the post office in time, so if for some reason your VI record doesn't have an insert contact me and i'll mail one out to you right away.

 p.s. preorder the Sea of Shit - Demo 7" HERE.