Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Socially Retarded R.I.P. + final recorded output

Socially Retarded has finally disbanded after a 3 year span of overly violent shows, gratuitous substance abuse, and a constant revolving door of members.  Their last show could definitely be considered "one for the books" so if you missed it, well...you missed out.  Anyway, for their last show they whipped up a few home made discography cassettes.  The tape compiles all of their tracks recorded with the final line up (everything with Mitch on vocals) including a few new songs recorded in the last few weeks of their existence.  Not sure how many of these tapes were made, or if there will ever be any more, but as far as i know it's the only tangible source for hearing these last songs.  With that being said, I went ahead and acquired the digital file of the final mix of the songs and have been given the green light to hand it out, so here i am doing so.  Farewell to one of my favorite Chicago bands...

Socially Retarded - I'm A Prostitute And Proud Of It

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thanks VI

Vile Intent just came through Chicago and tore everybody a new one, go see them on tour.