Sunday, September 14, 2014


Diseased Audio is alive and well, got a slew of releases planned for the future and am constantly adding things to the web store that I like, that I think you should also like.

Future plans:

-Disrotted LP - doom/sludge from Chicago w/ members of Sick/Tired and Kungfu Rick (fall 2014)

-Gas Chamber/Column of Heaven 7" (winter 2015)

Maybe something for Sacridose, and most likely another Water Torture release in 2015.  Possibly a Milorganaut 7" if they ever get their shit together.

Sea of Shit 10" 2nd press is still abundant, as is the Bitter Cold Compilation 7".

Over and out.

Oh and for the hip folk (like myself), I have an Instagram acct that I like to use to post pics of records and post flyers from, no obnoxious personal posts ever leak in...@diseasedaudio

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Water Torture has done it again, this band can do no wrong, consistently cranking out releases that change the game (what that game is I don't entirely know).  Anyway, as most of you remember, Diseased Audio saw the potential in these drum and bass sweethearts a few years back and released their debut EP along with the followup split 7" with Sea of, this LP just dropped on Nerve Altar records and of course I will be stocking it in the web store as long as humanly possible, all this going on and on was just a lead up to that, so there you have it.