Friday, October 21, 2011

Drug Problem LP

This was originally self released as a cd-r a few years back but never got a proper vinyl release before the band reached an indefinite hiatus.  Over time this band has seemed to develop somewhat of a cult following with those fortunate enough to have stumbled across their music, at least from what I've noticed.  Considering the fact that there is basically no information on them to be found anywhere aside from a blog or two, I was concerned that something this good might fade away into the obscurity and never get the attention it deserves.  So, after some cyber sleuthing i tracked down a member of the band and they were pretty enthusiastic about the idea of doing an LP.  No release date on this yet, as I am still saving funds, but things are already in motion.  Most likely a small pressing of 300 or possibly 500.  Ten songs of dark, sludgy, disgusting powerviolence from New Zealand chock full of disturbingly awesome samples and wretched sounding vocals.

Listen for you yourself: Drug Problem - Self Titled