Monday, September 20, 2010

Vile Intent "Regression to the Mean" EP

We're proud to announce that the third release on Diseased Audio will be a 7" EP by Montreal pv band Vile Intent. VI recently came through the midwest on their US tour and I was seriously floored by how intense and tight they were live. I picked up their tour tape they had with them and it pretty much hasn't left my tape deck since. The first 5 songs at the beginning of said tape didn't really have an "official" home yet so we offered to help them out by doing a run of 300 7 inch's. On this EP will be those 5 songs as well as an additional track from the same recording session. This will be sent out to the pressing plant in the next few weeks so they should be available at some point in December.

you can listen to two songs ("Bellows" and "Shephard") off of this release at

UPDATE: first test presses were rejected due to pressing error, waiting on another set to arrive, then everything will be back on track. typical setbacks and pressing plant woes. out early feb 2011.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9/30 Show

SEA OF SHIT and SOCIALLY RETARDED are both playing in chicago on September 30th.


Long Overdue

Finally started a blog for this record label, which will essentially serve as our "official site" until further notice.

Diseased Audio is a hardcore punk/powerviolence/noise (or whatever else we're into) label based out of Chicago, IL.  As of right now we have two releases available, with a third on the way at some point.  Check back here periodically for updates.

DAR001 - SEA OF SHIT / SOCIALLY RETARDED split 7" (300 made)

debut vinyl release for both of these chicago pv bands.
click here to listen to SEA OF SHIT
click here to listen to SOCIALLY RETARDED

DAR002 - CONSTRICTIONS "Zero Discrimination" CS (100 made)

power electronics from chicago.  members of sea of shit and socially retarded.
click here to listen to CONSTRICTIONS

You can order either of these releases by sending us an email at, or directly from the bands themselves.  All releases are available at Reckless Records, Permanent Records, and Logan Hardware...all in Chicago, as well as various distros all over the US and overseas.