Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Change of Plans

It looks as though the Sea of Shit split with Consent will be no more (at least for now), the SoS tracks meant for this split will now be put towards a split 7" with Water Torture (as if no one saw that coming anyway...).  Consent has taken a back seat to all members' other bands as well their busy schedules overall.  Sometimes these things happen, but that's OK.  Down the road I will still be releasing something by Consent, perhaps their own 7" EP or whatever develops, but for right now this is what is happening with this release.  On the upside of things, Water Torture has their side of the split finished so this record will be sent to the plant in the next week or so in hopes of having Nov. 23rd be a release show for both bands in Chicago.

Also, DAR007 will simply be a repress of the 2011 Sea of Shit EP on Prgnt Records.  White vinyl, limited to 300.  Keep your eyes peeled.

As always, distro is constantly being updated so keep checking back for fun and wacky surprises.